Witnesses uphold the Bible as worthy


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November 1, 2007
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Witnesses uphold the Bible as worthy of investigation in
special issue of Awake!

Cover of Awake! magazineNEW YORK—In an age when it has become increasingly popular to criticize and denigrate the Bible, Jehovah’s Witnesses remain staunch advocates of careful study of its content. Witnesses are publicizing compelling reasons for investigating the Bible in the November 2007 issue of their monthly journal, Awake!

Witnesses will be working hard to give wide distribution to this issue of Awake! featuring the cover series “Can You Trust the Bible?” throughout the month of November. The magazine will examine sincere questions about the value of the Bible. It discusses the subject, “Reasons to Trust the Bible” and answers such questions as “Who Authored the Bible?” and “Does Archaeology Support the Bible?” The articles present evidence from a variety of fields, including history and science, for the answers given.

The magazine was written to appeal to various groups, particularly those who are skeptical about the Bible. Five myths about the Bible are debunked in the article “Myth or Fact?” The article “What Is the Bible About?” features a concise summary of the Bible’s content and gives practical suggestions on how to get the maximum benefit from reading the Bible.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, known for their global Bible education campaigns, publish Awake! as part of their worldwide volunteer work for the enlightenment of the entire family. Awake! is made available by Jehovah’s Witnesses without charge to all who wish to read it.

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