Pope Remembers Steffie

Esta Noticia ya fue dada pero desaparecio de nuestro servidor y la volvemos a poner 


Pope Remembers Steffie
“But he’s still just a naughty boy to me” say Cooma Cousin

By Markus Mannheim The Canberra Times vol 21.08.2005

He may be the spiritual head of the world’s largest Christian church, but a cousin of Pope Benedict the XVI says that he is still a naughty boy to her.

Steffie Brzakovic, 78, of Cooma, received a call from her famous first cousin shortly after his election in a papal conclave in April.

It was the first time she had heard from him in more than 50 years.

Mrs. Brzakovic, who was raised in the southern Germany city of Weilheim before moving to Australia in 1956, said she remembered Joseph Ratzinger as a young boy who was often up to no good.

“He was everywhere he shouldn’t [have] been, she recalled yesterday, shaking her head. “When I think today of what we did, it’s a wonder that [we are] alive.”

When she received the phone call three months ago she first thought it was a prank. It wasn’t until His Holiness told her it was “Ratzinger Pepi”, referring to his childhood nickname, that she realized who was on the other end.

“I said, ‘Are you the Pope?’ and he [replied]. ‘But for you I am still Ratzinger Pepi’.”

Mrs. Brzakovic was raised as a Roman Catholic, but became a Jehovah’s Witness in the 1970’s.

She said that while her religious differences with her family had caused frustration, the Pope had encouraged her for following her faith.

“He told me that ‘You are doing the work that we should do’,” she said, referring to her church’s missionary work. “He said, ‘You have halls that are not too big, but they are full. We have cathedrals, churches, chapels and they are empty’.”

Mrs. Brzakovic is spending this weekend at a Jehovah’s Witness convention in Canberra with about 3000 district worshippers.

Pope’s Cousin a JW You can save the pic of the news article and make it larger to read it. The sister has a DC lapel pin on.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Building Kingdom Halls Around the World

 Jehovah’s Witnesses Building Kingdom Halls Around the World

Jehovah’s Witnesses
Building Kingdom Halls Around the World

In 1997, Jehovah’s Witnesses developed a construction program for countries in need of assistance. It was called Kingdom Hall Construction in Lands With Limited Resources and was given the mandate to provide, where possible, an adequate place of worship for all those interested in Bible education.


11 mil personas en asamblea de los Testigos de Jehová

11 mil personas en asamblea de los Testigos de Jehová
11 mil personas en asamblea de los Testigos de Jehová



A 11 mil ascendió el número de personas que participaron en la asamblea de distrito cumplida la pasada semana en el salón de encuentros de los Testigos de Jehová, en el barrio “Rayito de Luz” de Machala.A lo largo de las seis asambleas que se efectuarán en la capital orense del 3 de agosto al 16 de septiembre se prevé una asistencia total de 15 mil personas, procedentes de la provincia de El Oro e incluso de Guayas.

El tema central de las jornadas, que tuvieron una duración de tres días, fue “Sigamos a Cristo” -modelo y ejemplo para todos los cristianos verdaderos- que se constituyó en la figura central del programa.

La Palabra de Dios es viva y ejerce poder; Esposos, padres e hijos, sigamos a nuestro dechado; y Quiénes son los verdaderos seguidores de Cristo, fueron los puntos abordados por medio de conferencias y presentaciones en audio de relatos bíblicos.

Además, se llevaron a cabo los bautizos, en una ceremonia de ordenación, de las personas que se unieron a las filas de la congregación. Cabe recordar que los testigos consideran el bautismo como un paso fundamental para seguir el ejemplo de Cristo.

Asambleas similares se desarrollarán, en las mismas fechas, a lo largo y ancho del Ecuador (55), donde hay 66 mil testigos, seis mil de ellos en El Oro, y en 236 países, en los que el número de miembros suman más de 16 millones.


Salon del Reino en menos de 100 horas

New Kingdom Hall rises in less than 100 hours
By LEWIS DELAVAN News editor

The third Kingdom Hall in the area for Jehovah’s Witnesses was built in 100 hours. (Lewis Delavan photo)

A new Kingdom Hall rose in less than 100 hours recently on Highway 7 south of Hot Springs Village.

Framers kicked off action on a Thursday, and worshipers enjoyed the completed building on Sunday. Hundreds of other carpenters, plumbers, electricians, sheetrock hangers and finishers, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning specialists, wallpaper installers, insulators, cooks, landscapers and other volunteers kept the site abuzz.

“Nobody gets in each other’s way,” said building committee member Fred Emanuel. “We just work around each other.”

Quality wasn’t sacrificed for speed.

“Every stage is constantly inspected by professional inspectors,” Emanuel said. “It’s a wellbuilt structure, and exceeds building codes.”

Each area has an overseer who finds members for his workgroup. Dividing the work allows the project to be manageable, he said.

The 3,800-square-foot building at Fox Pass Cut-off is the third Kingdom Hall in the Hot Springs area.

Tyler Bowen, 7, and Hunter Leverton, 8, both of Hot Springs Village, gather another shovelful of mulch at the Kingdom Hall raising. (Lewis Delavan photos)

“On any given weekend throughout the world, we’re doing 15 of these,” Emanuel said. “We complete all in three-and-ahalf days. We used to do them in two days.”

“The people who are the most amazed are builders and contractors,” said Virgil Martin of Arkadelphia, quality-control overseer. “They can’t believe this can be done.”

Buildings are completed rapidly to allow members to concentrate on Bible study, held three times each week, said David Bowen of Hot Springs Village.

All volunteers enjoyed three meals a day and snacks prepared by a support team.

The slab was poured a month ago, and volunteers readied the site for the busy weekend.

Since 1983, the building crew has built more than 100 Kingdom Halls in Arkansas, Bowen said.

Open house will be 9 a.m.-2 p.m. April 27-28. “The public is more than welcome to attend,” he said.

Bible education programs are at 10 a.m. Sundays, 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays and 7:30 p.m. Thursdays.

Many of the congregation’s 60 members live in Hot Springs Village, Bowen said.

“Jehovah’s Witnesses are known for preaching the Good News about God’s kingdom,” Emanuel said. “It’s not that the planet’s going to blow up, but it’s going to change. The Bible shows only a little group (144,000) will go on to Heaven,” he said. “There will always be people on earth.” The wicked will be destroyed, and the saved will enjoy a new earth, he said.

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ congregations have no paid staff members, and no collection plates are ever passed. Members make pledges, and a donation box is available in the hall.


Holocausto * Holocaust * Holocauste

Os triângulos do holocausto:
? Amarelo
judeus — dois triângulos sobrepostos, para formar a Estrela de Davi, com a palavra “Jude” (judeu) inscrita; mischlings i.e., aqueles que eram considerados apenas parcialmente judeus, muitas vezes usavam apenas um triângulo amarelo.
? Vermelho
dissidentes políticos, incluindo comunistas, sociais-democratas, liberais e anarquistas.
? Verde
criminoso comum. Criminosos de ascendência ariana recebiam frequentemente privilégios especiais nos campos e poder sobre outros prisioneiros.
? Púrpura (roxo)
basicamente aplicava-se a todos os objectores de consciência por motivos religiosos, por exemplo, as Testemunhas de Jeová, que negavam-se a participar dos empenhos militares da Alemanha nazis e a renegar sua fé assinando um termo declarando isto.
? Azul
imigrantes. Foram usados, por exemplo, pelos prisioneiros Espanhóis que se exilaram em França a seguir à derrota na revolução Espanhola, e que mais tarde foram deportados para a Alemanha considerados como apátridas.
? Castanho
ciganos roma e sinti.
? Negro
lésbicas e mulheres “anti-sociais”. (alcoólatras, grevistas, feministas, defecientes e mesmo anarquistas). Os Arianos casados com Judeus recebiam um triângulo negro sobre um amarelo.
? Rosa











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