Antigua : Jehovah’s Witnesses host annual convention

Jehovah’s Witnesses host annual convention

The Annual District Convention, hosted by the Jehovah’s Witness, will be held at the Gambles Terrace Assembly Hall from the Friday until Sunday.

The programme, according to a press release, seeks to emphasize mankind’s need for deliverance from the inherited sin, and its consequential fate of death.

Symposium and talks will be conducted, which will aim to highlight consoling scriptures, detailing the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and God’s loving provision for eternal deliverance.

“Jehovah’s Provision for our Everlasting Deliverance” is the title of the key-note address, scheduled for Friday at 11 am while the baptismal talk “Dedication and Baptism Leads to Salvation.” will be delivered on Saturday.

Sunday marks the climax of events with a bible drama “To Whose Authority Do You Submit” as well as the convention’s highlight, the public discourse-“Deliverance by God’s Kingdom is At Hand”, which will take place in the afternoon.

The programme sessions will start at 9.30 daily and promises to be informative, in the guidance towards deliverance of righteousness.


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