Beriplex P/N: an alternative to fresh frozen plasma in severe haemorrhage

Beriplex P/N: an alternative to fresh frozen plasma in severe haemorrhage.

Bhardwaj M, Bunsell R.

Department of Anaesthetics, Stoke Madeville Hospital, Aylesbury, UK.

The management of Jehovah’s Witnesses suffering from severe haemorrhage can be very difficult. Those patients who are taking oral anticoagulant therapy pose an additional risk and the difficulty may be compounded by the development of coagulopathy. Several alternatives to blood products have been reported to be useful in this situation. We report the successful management of an emergency postsurgical wound bleeding in a Jehovah’s Witness using Beriplex (a concentrate of factors II, VII, IX and X). The patient, who was taking warfarin, presented 10 days after an elective laminectomy with significant bleeding from the surgical wound and coagulopathy. Despite early surgical measures, there was continuing haemorrhage. This was arrested by giving Beriplex intra-operatively. To our knowledge this is the first reported case of the use of Beriplex in a Jehovah’s Witness for control of emergency haemorrhage and coagulopathy.

PMID: 17635434 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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  1. Realmente muy útil en casos de emergencia por hemorragia severa. Sin embargo, es necesario aclarar que se obtiene a partir de componentes menores de la sangre, de modo que es un asunto de conciencia que se debe evaluar, sobre todo los hermanos cuyo CIAM (el nombre que usamos en el Perú) indica que rechazan todas las fracciones menores de sangre.

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