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Armenia: Los objetores de conciencia


Los objetores de conciencia

República de Armenia
1 de febrero 2010

Actualmente, hay 75 Testigos de Jehová que están en prisión por su negativa de conciencia al servicio militar por motivos religiosos. Los 75 han sido juzgados y condenados. Los nombres, las fechas de prisión, los motivos (bajo el código penal1), La duración de la pena y la ubicación actual de la detención son los siguientes:

Setenta y cinco Testigos de Jehová han sido juzgados y condenados:

Nombre Fecha de la prisión Motivación de la sentencia, Sentencia Ubicación
Armen Zurabyan 27 de febrero 2007 § 327 I, 36 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Nshan Gevorgyan 17 de julio 2007 § 327 I, 36 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
David Aroyan 3 de agosto 2007 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Andranik Aghekyan 8 de agosto 2007 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Haik Madatyan 11 de agosto 2007 § 327 I, 36 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Zora Melkonyan 13 de agosto 2007 § 327 I, 30 meses Artik Penal Institución
Gor Kirakosyan 21 de septiembre 2007 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Mkrtich Smbatyan 26 de septiembre 2007 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Stepan Hovakimyan 26 de septiembre 2007 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Babken Shahinyan 5 de diciembre 2007 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Romano Hovhannisyan 17 de diciembre 2007 § 327 I, 30 meses Artik Penal Institución
Garik Gevorgyan 25 de diciembre 2007 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Samson Indzigulyan 25 de diciembre 2007 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Harutyun Vardazaryan 9 de enero 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Hrayr Mkrtchyan 14 de enero 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Hovhannes Arakelyan 18 de enero 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Hovhannes Gogdjyan 30 de enero 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Araz Arshakyan 5 de febrero 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Armen Mardoyan 5 de febrero 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Artik Penal Institución
Hamayak Eminyan 6 de febrero 2008 § 327 I, 27 meses Artik Penal Institución
Davit Petrosyan 7 de febrero 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Martun Hovsepyan 7 de febrero 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Zhirayr Karyan 6 de marzo 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Arman Kareyan 7 de marzo 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Ashot Simonyan 12 de marzo 2008 § 327 I, 36 meses Artik Penal Institución
Hovhannes Stepanyan 31 de marzo 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Karo Aleksanyan 4 de abril 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Vahe Ananyan 8 de abril 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Karen Voskanyan 11 de abril 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Vahram Baghramyan 3 de junio 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Alik Balayan 14 de julio 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Mkhitar Sargsyan 17 de julio 2008 § 327 I, 36 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Tigran Melikyan 30 de julio 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
SHAHEN Asatryan 31 de julio 2008 § 327 I, 36 meses Artik Penal Institución
Gevorg Danughyan 8 de agosto 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Gor Petrosyan 15 de agosto 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Mher Barseghyan 25 de agosto 2008 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Vardan Kasemyan 2 de septiembre 2008 § 327 I, 36 meses Artik Penal Institución
Garegin Gogjyan 13 de septiembre 2008 § 327 I, 26 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Armen Martirosyan 2 de octubre 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Gagik Shakaryan 6 de octubre 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Grisha Ohanjanyan 13 de octubre 2008 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
David Parsadanyan 22 de enero 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Samvel Shkoyan 22 de enero 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Artik Penal Institución
David Mnatsakanyan 2 de febrero 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Vigen Sargsyan 15 de febrero 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Levon Bashberukyan 18 de marzo 2009 § 327 I, 26 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Nver Nazaryan 24 de marzo 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Tatul Arsenyan 20 de abril 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Vladimir Sargsyan 21 de abril 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Gevorg Karapetyan 11 de mayo 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Hovsep Mutafyan 12 de mayo 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Mher Hayrapetyan 18 de mayo 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Artik Penal Institución
Gagik Toplakhaltsyan 18 de mayo 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Harutyun Gagyan 28 de mayo 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Haik Avagyan 18 de julio 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Gor Aslanyan 27 de julio 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Sergey Manukyan 28 de julio 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Artik Penal Institución
Aram Apresyan 12 de agosto 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Kamo Sahakyan 12 de agosto 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Ishkhan Grigoryan 12 de agosto 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Kosh Penal Institution
Arkadi Mardoyan 28 de agosto 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Nubarashen Penal Institution
Vanik Soghomonyan 31 de agosto 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Nubarashen Penal Institution
Grigor Safaryan 4 de septiembre 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Lyudvik Arshakyan 7 de septiembre 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Kosh Penal Institution
Rafael Manukyan 17 de septiembre 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Artik Penal Institución
Karapet Aghadjanyan 22 de septiembre 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Kosh Penal Institution
Hakob Babudjyan 25 de septiembre 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Artak Kroyan 30 de septiembre 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Kosh Penal Institution
Vahram Grigoryan 2 de octubre 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Erebuni Penal Institución
Gevork Sargsyan 8 de octubre 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Kosh Penal Institution
Romano Minasyan 12 de octubre 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Kosh Penal Institution
Andranik Martirosyan 12 de octubre 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Kosh Penal Institution
Haik Ghazaryan 2 de noviembre 2009 § 327 I, 24 meses Kosh Penal Institution
Spartak Khanumyan Diciembre 2009 § 327 I, 30 meses Artik Penal Institución

No Testigos de Jehová está en prisión preventiva.

1 El artículo 327 I: La evasión se repitan proyecto militar o llamada de servicio en marcha, ejercicios de entrenamiento o de movilización, sin un orden definido por la legislación de la AR como causa de exención, será castigado con arresto por un plazo máximo de dos meses, o prisión por un plazo máximo de tres años (modificado 16.12.2005).

Casa de Refugio – Refuge house – Kay d Refuge, Masion de Refuges

Haití: Casa de Refugio – Refuge house – Kay d Refuge, Masion de Refuges

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This one’s a bit less than 20 pages; its only 18 and a half. Here in San Cristobal, about 35
minutes from Santo Doming, DR, two recovery homes have been established for our
brothers, bible students and “friends of the truth”. San Cristobal is a bigger sized city here
in the Dominican. To my knowledge it has 4 kingdom halls and 9 congregations. 2
congregations stand out for their odd names; “Madre Vieja” which translates “Old Mother”
and “Lava Pie” which means “Wash feet”. Both are named after neighborhoods, or so I’m
told. So there are 2 of these rest and recovery homes. The one I’m in is a very spacious 4
bedroom house owned by some Jehovah’s Witnesses who currently have it for sale. It was
not being lived in, so it had no water service connection or electricity. The first two days
with no running water or lights was less than fun for the 10 patients and 2 volunteers, 8 of
whom were women. So the owners lent it for this purpose. When I got here on Feb 1st, it
was just getting set up. The overseers are a 40-something couple from Atlanta, USA but of
Puerto Rican and Cuban decent. They have been serving here as need-greaters for years.
Javier and Amarylis Gonzalez. A better combo you will not find. He is organized,
hilarious, warm, compassionate etc. She is all heart. She threw herself into this project
200%. She held absolutely nothing back. Borderline neurotic and dramatic. (Y no lo
Upon arrival and at present we have 10 Haitians. 6 patients and 4 escorts. Of the 10, 5 are
baptized and 5 are “bible students”. (Term bible students used loosely) We are expecting
more from Azua, Bani, Barahona etc. Other homes with the same purpose have also been
set up in La Vega and Santo Domingo. Its basically for ones who are post and pre
operative. They’ve had their surgeries, amputations etc, and need to rest and recover and
have someone to clean and dress wounds and monitor their meds. Many need corrective
surgeries since many of the first ones turned out to be botch jobs. Others need some
counseling and professional help with post traumatic stress syndrome. But it’s unreal how
Haitians cope; they are no strangers to hard times. America would be crippled, but they
just deal with it. Some could go back to Haiti relatively soon, but many have nothing to go
home to. Their families are sleeping under tarps in the streets. So our Dominican brothers
do Haiti bethel a service looking after some of our brothers over here while they continue
to provide aide to the many affected brothers over there. For the hundreds if not thousands
of unfortunate ones who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses, they have been taken to a refugee
camp just across the Haitian border to recover from surgeries. Its hardly the appropriate
place for a lot of these people given the nature of their injuries and the continued care they
need. It’s amazing how Jehovah keeps his promise in 2 Sam 22:26 to all those loyal and
even to a few who are “friends” of someone who is loyal. (Tongue in cheek)
Many of our brothers (to not specify and then be wrong) are sleeping in Kingdom Halls
throughout the country.
I went to visit the brothers we have in the San Cristobal Hospital. They are being so well
looked after by the local brothers. At least 1 or 2 sisters are at their bedside approximately
16 hours per day, most of which speak creole. Others sit with them and hold their hand
and have learned to say a few words. But it’s still comfort. No hospital food for our
brothers. They have home cooked hot meals delivered to their rooms 3 times a day +
There are a few delicate no-blood cases. We are waiting for surgery and trying to raise
blood volume naturally with natural juices and black beans. If their hemoglobin can go up
in a few days, then they can proceed with surgery, and can afford even a little bit of blood

We have a sweetheart 75 or so year old sister named Liliane. She has been baptized for
32 years. She broke her arm and has a cast bigger than her entire body. She also has a
nasty wound on her toe. She almost had to have it cut off and still might. We keep
monitoring it and cleaning it. But she is amazing. So sweet and never complains. She
sings kingdom songs too. I’ve got some awesome video clips of it. A spiritual daughter of
hers called Stephany escorted her. Stephany is 19 years old and has been baptized for 4
years. So helpful around the house. Evelyne is another baptized sister mid 20’s or so. She
came as an escort for her injured, sister, brother and mother; none of which are JW’s. All
have or are currently students of the bible, although for 1 of them it’s been years. Injuries
vary from just a mouth abrasion, to awful skin tears and a leg with lots of steel pins in it.
Only a few days ago Evelyn explained how she found her mom after the quake. She found
her unconscious in a big pile of dead bodies. Someone dragged her unconscious mom out
of some rubble and mistook her for deceased. So who knows how long she was lying
under or on top of a bunch of corpses. And who knows how many others died that way
after being mistaken for dead. Unimaginable.
Then we have my current favorites: A married couple called Mysson and Miriam Dorcy.
Mysson is 26 years old and serves as Ministerial Servant. He also graduated from the 10th
class of Ministerial Training School in Haiti. His wife has some minor hearing problems,
unrelated to the earthquake. She escorted him. They have only been married for 2
months. Some honeymoon. Both are regular pioneers. They currently have a room to
themselves but I told them to enjoy it while it lasts because we expect many more to arrive
over the next few days and weeks as they get released from the hospitals they’re in.
Mysson has a broken leg which is currently in a cast. The cast isn’t really doing much and
he will likely go in for surgery this week.
The day after I got here, we still needed a lot of odds and ends around the house. So I
was able to go out and buy wash basins, face cloths, cleaning supplies, garbage cans,
board games and other random household supplies. This also coming from surplus
Brookswood congregation donations. Thank you so much. Before I left I went to each
patient and asked them if they needed or wanted anything form the store, like something
sweet etc. At first everyone said No, just to be polite. After I insisted, someone bashfully
said “Chocolate”. Another said ice cream and another a can of Pringles. So I hooked them
up with lots of sweets. Like a fat kid in a candy store…literally.
A lot of the big things are coming from the Worldwide Work funds, but LOTS of other stuff
is coming from private donations from brothers both local and abroad. 1 brother furnished
one of these houses. He bought 10 brand new beds and mattresses and tables and chairs
and a stove and fridge. I don’t even know his name, not important. Another brother came
today and without even identifying himself asked to speak to me and asked what else I felt
we needed here. I said 4 rocking chairs for staff. We have 5 plastic chairs to sit on and
nothing else. I said we also could use 8 more fans, a book shelf for a theocratic library I’m
working on and a TV and DVD player. I brought my laptop and all of the societies DVD’s. I
showed a few of them like 6 times in one day. My laptop will burn out if I keep that up.
Anyways, within about 3 hours a truck pulled up with 3 guys on it. The original brother was
not with them. They unloaded 4 rocking chairs, 8 fans, a 21” TV and a DVD
player. No questions asked. Im still waiting on my bookshelf.
All cooking is being done at the “Madre Vieja” house and they send us 14 or so, hot meals
3 times per day. Although we should be up and ready with a functional kitchen soon since

a stove was installed today plus some gas tanks. We have had some construction going
on as well. 2 hired laborers built wooden partitions for the rooms for more privacy.
We were in need of some bed linen and pillows and towels. I saw some at the store but
they were too expensive. So I called up World Bank Jordy since he has access to
storehouses with goods and funds. I had in mind around a dozen of each. He asked me
how many I needed and I told him to do what he could do. “How about 30 of each?” 30 will
do. He personally delivered all the goods within 24 hours with his mom. They also told me
to inform them of 5 amputees. They have connections in Columbia where they’re from to
assess and fit 5 patients for prosthetic limbs for free! So I’ve passed on this info to my
superiors so that at least 5 of our brothers get this opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t
happen in Haiti. Keep praying so that this works out. This Alvarez family is and has been
so amazing. So willing to help those in need with no expectations of reward. Genuine love
for others. He later told me that these donations were not even from their World bank
resources; rather from private family and friends? donations.
You really notice the difference between our baptized brothers and “bible students”.
Everyone is grateful and “Please” and “Thank you’s” have never been a problem but some
of the healthy ones who escorted a loved one help out around the house more than
Here’s an example:
We need constant cleaning, sweeping and disinfecting since infections control is proving to
be an uphill battle. Hygiene both personal and general is not at the same standard in Haiti
as in other parts of the world. Let’s leave it at that. Its a bit of an education for some.
Mysson’s wife Miriam is amazing. I needed 2 volunteers to sweep and mop an area where
the construction guys had left lots of saw dust. Since it was in Miriam’s room I figured she
could sweep and another could mop. So I went into the Ladies room and asked someone
who will remain unnamed, who is not injured but rather an escort for her injured daughter
who is a bible student. I specifically asked her since she was the one who was lying
around all day the most. She flat out said “No” in front of everyone because she had a
headache. I said it would only take 5 minutes. A Haitian JW nurse visiting from Texas who
was dressing wounds asked her in to cooperate and to obey when your asked to do
something. She said No again. One of our sisters stepped up and said she would do it in
her place. So I take her to the mess, which is where Miriam (our regular pioneer with the
injured husband) is. I instruct/ask Miriam to clean up the mess along with the other sister
who stepped in for the lazy one. Miriam tells me that she doesn’t mind doing it on her own
and doesn’t need help. What a difference in attitude.
To her credit though, she obviously felt bad after. I researched comments in Creole about
“cooperating and serving one another and obeying direction from those taking the lead
and theocratic order” etc and dropped them all, back to back to back, in my next meal
prayer. After lunch she was sweeping inches behind me all afternoon with a big smile on
her face. Bless her!
This house is getting better and better by the hour…literally. I reckon lots wont want to
leave. Most will put on weight here.
This morning I conducted morning worship in Creole. It wasn’t terrible but far from great.
We did the days text with a few comments and read a chapter of the bible together in
French. Myself and Mysson (injured MTS grad) are the only baptized brothers in the house
who speak creole / french. And he is stuck in bed “avek yon jam krase”. (broken leg)

Javier is an M.S. as well but speaks no Creole. So i’ve had to pray before meals in Creole
in the womens room since Mysson is in his own room with his wife and they pray together
before meals and at bedtime. I always had a standby prayer memorized for opening and
closing a bible study, but I’ve never had to pray for a meal in Creole. I got nervous when
the first meal prayer was sprung on me short notice and I used my bible study prayer. So I
ended up thanking Jehovah for his word the bible and I said that we were gathered here
together for the purpose of understanding it better. Could be worse I guess. Let’s eat! My
2nd and 3rd meal prayers were a bit more occasion-appropriate.
Im excited to have Mysson here. Even though he has a broken leg and will need surgery,
he can help out on the spiritual end of things. Although there is a plan to set up telephone
tie in with a local Creole congregation, we can do a weekly Watchtower study ourselves
and he could conduct it with his leg elevated. Also, the only other male patient at the
moment who is lightly injured in the mouth has studied in the past. Sounds like its been
years though. But with so much free time, i’ve seen him reading the bible loads and
reading the book of bible stories book. I was going to start a study with him, but maybe it
would be good for Mysson to conduct it.
My sister arrives tonight from Canada to help out for 10 days. We mostly need medical
and nurses assistants. We are doing lots of wound care, patient transfers, escorts to the
hospital for x-rays, and general bedside care. (Side note: The local hospital ran out of
those large x-ray sheets. So they?ll do your x-ray no problem, but it?s on B.Y.O.X.S. basis.
) We hand out meds and make sure everyone takes their
drugs at the right time. So I’m a pill pusher, which is a scary thought. We need some firm
but loving characters to help establish house rules. Im going to propose that rule number 1
be that no one is allowed to streak past me half naked in the middle of the day running to
pass someone the mobile phone, under any circumstances; not even for a long distance
phone call.
Myself, my sister Christine and likely Jared and Jael Kekos from Kansas USA are going to
Jimani and the Refugee camp over the border this Sunday for a few reasons. I want to
check on Jameson Denis and on my “no blood” guy who’s wife is still in the hospital. And
I’m dying to spend an afternoon preaching at the refugee camp. Its a ripe territory with
200-300 injured Haitians doing nothing but waiting to recover or be reunited with family. Im
taking my laptop this time and can set up a tent for viewing our DVD’s. Should be fun.
I got Mysson (injured Haitian MTS grad) to speak to Jameson over the phone for me. I
have a hard time understanding him over the phone. An injured man beside him in the tent
who knows him from the neighborhood told us that his mom has surfaced. She is not dead
after-all. Good news right? Yeah I thought so too. Well, she apparently was told about an
“american” (me) who has been looking after him and got him a mobile phone etc. She sent
word for me to just take him, that she lost everything, her home etc. She knows he has a
fractured everything below the waist and cant look after him since she is likely on the
street. Heartbreaking. I’ve not seen the news in weeks but I’m told that there is a lot of
child abduction for human trafficking going on. I was looking into getting Jameson from the
refugee camp and bringing him here to recover with us, but I got shut down on that idea.
I’ve even got the Alvarez family working for me trying to get paperwork to temporarily get
him back into the DR at least while he recovers on the condition he’s taken back later.
Unicef is apparently on a mission to locate and look after kids affected by the quake
because of the alarming number of kids who have disappeared from Port-au-Prince
hospitals and shelters and has already rang Bethel inquiring about any kids we have under
our care. I’ll say it again, I’m well impressed with some of these charitable organizations.

I get 5 hours of talk time on my mobile each month. It’s February 3rd and I have only 2
hours and 21 minutes left to last me until March 1st. I’ve used half my months phone credit
in 3 days.
Anyways, it looks like I could be here for weeks at the very least, if not months. More than
likely this group home will be running for months and months. At the moment I’m loving it
and would love to stay for the long-haul. Ask me later if it?s still the case. At the same I feel
bad for Victor back in my home congregation. There’s a bit of a work load for him and
Since I wrote that last paragraph. A few days have passed. Instructions from Bethel were
to reduce everything and everyone. So the house I was working at was temporarily closed
down along with it?s staff. 1 of our patients was sent to bethel in Haiti to be examined since
his injuries were minor. The rest were transfered to House #1. I believe its at max
occupancy. Approximately 20 patients and escorts. We were really disappointed when we
were informed as to the decision and so were our patients. Some were in tears. But we felt
so much better when we visited the next day, (Sunday, February 7th) and saw them settled
in nicely. Im not gonna lie, our house was much more fun and I doubt they?ll doing ?movie
nights? any time soon, but they are being well cared for and thats what matters.
At one point 3 representatives from the Haitian consulate came to our care home. Looking
very official in sharp suits and pant suits for the women. They drove up in a ?not so official?
beat up Toyota Corolla. They asked for a tour of the house and we gladly showed them
around. They asked to speak to the patients and we took them to the main room. They
asked the patients how they felt and how they were being treated. 1 or 2 of our patients
spoke and said right away: “We are Jehovah?s Witnesses, and so are all the ones taking
care of us. They have been kind and caring and we have everything we need and more.”
Yeah you do! Pringles and ice cream! The consulate thanked us.
On Friday night we had the meeting in Creole thru telephone hook up. Over a cell phone
and thru the TV speakers. We transfered everyone into chairs in the dining room and we
listened. The sound was as good as it could have been but still not great. Most understood
about 50%. I, about 4%. It was one of the longest meetings I?ve attended. We were sat
down for the first time that day after about 13 hours of nursing and patient transfers to the
hospital for x-rays etc. So the minute the meeting started, so did the yawns. But our haitian
brothers enjoyed it. One of the main reasons for merging the 2 houses was for the spiritual
feeding program. Under one roof, they will now have ALL the meetings done in person. All
5 meetings will be conducted at the house in Creole. You can?t beat that. Plus, under one
roof, nurses and doctors and others only have to make 1 house call to assess and care for
This week was slightly less of an adrenaline rush than was Jimani. But it was still action
packed. We worked 16-18 hours a day. We got to know our haitian brothers a lot better. I
didn’t get that in Jimani.
I was able to bring in Julie Laviolette and Beatrice Marin to join our House #2 staff. I
think the deciding moment was after I had to interpret, instructing a Haitian sister what to
do with a vaginal suppository, and that it was supposed to be that big. I used more
gestures than words, since its been a few months at least since I?ve explained that in
Creole/French……or never. Get me some female interpreters!!!

Since these 2 sisters pioneered in Haiti for 8 years, they know not only the language, but
almost more importantly, they know the culture. They were able to explain to me why
almost everyone turned their nose up when at movie night, I offered honey roasted
peanuts with a mini snickers bar. And why on earth they would prefer spaghetti with fish at
breakfast time. They were invaluable to our team. Not only were their language skills so
effective, but they exude love, warmth, compassion and personal interest.
I was able to speak to 9 year old Jameson Denis a few times over the phone this past
week. His mom has made contact once. But she insists that the ?American? take him. It
doesn?t work that way. There are Haitian laws that say otherwise. There?s a local process
for adoption and then it goes international, since they feel it?s best for a child to stay in
familiar surroundings (country of origin) if possible. I feel like that might be “the best” for
almost anywhere except Haiti, especially now. I was trying to (behind the scenes) see if I
could get legal permission to bring him back onto Dominican soil and bring him to our
house #2 to care for him myself until he was walking again. But since my house was shut
down and beds are at a premium, this will not be possible. I was going to go see him, but
at the last minute I decided not to go. I don?t think it would be healthy for him or me. I?ll just
feel bummed out that I can?t help him.
My other reason for going to Jimani and the Haitian Refugee camp was also to see
Trastama, the no blood guy and his injured wife. He phoned me several times during the
week and was no longer in Jimani, rather in another hospital in the south of the Dominican
Republic. His wife was not doing well at all. I still don?t know the specifics.
On Saturday Feb, 6th I was asked I was asked to return to my assignment in Pimentel,
San Francisco de Macoris. I?m on stand by for now. Hopefully I get called back.
My no blood guy from Jimani called me about 2 hours ago. His wife passed away
yesterday. It was a 2 minute conversation since we were both out of minutes. But he
sounded ok with it. And I quickly told him he did what he could and that most importantly
he didn?t violate God?s commands. Jehovah will resurrect her. I urged him to keep reading
the Bible teach book along with the bible we gave him and to study the bible with
Jehovah?s Witness as soon as possible. He eagerly agreed. I?ll call him in a while and
have a better conversation.
Im trying to give a positive spin to this report on purpose. The truth is, it was a positive
experience and we had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. We had some really low moments as
well. Beatrice and I went thru something pretty brutal at the hospital that was on par with
anything at Jimani. Only she and I and the young brother with the amputated leg will ever
know, aside from the obvious rest that are watching from heaven.
Telling some that they were being transfered back to Haiti wasn’t fun at all. With limited
language abilities, I had to reassure them that they would not be dumped at the Haiti
border. Rather they would be taken to Bethel in Haiti, be checked out by doctors and have
breakfast. Immediately I was told that they had no home to go back to. I had to make it
clear that they could not stay at Bethel either, but that there they would be given
suggestions on where to go from there. The unfortunate thing is that at least hundreds of
our own baptized brothers are currently sleeping in streets or on Kingdom Halls properties;
many too frightened to enter the kingdom hall itself because of the aftershocks.

At any rate, it?s all training and it?s all experience for future things that may come. Thank
you for your continued prayers and emotional support. And for your generous
Liliane the elderly sister was everyone?s favorite. One morning she said: “Frere Steven,
you forgot to do morning worship today. We did it on our own”. I hadn?t forgotten, but that
one day things got crazy right from 8am and didn?t stop. The kind of older sister you love
being around and want to put in your pocket.
If anyone would like to send Brother Mysson Dorcy (the 26 year old MTS grad with a
broken leg) an email here?s his address, although it could be weeks or months before he
checks it.

He is a quality brother and I?m looking forward to visiting him in Haiti once he?s recovered.
Maybe we bonded since he was the only baptized male patient we had at my house. We
were vastly outnumbered. It was the ?estrogen zone? for sure. Or maybe we bonded as
fellow MTS grads. Anyway, when I visit him I?m going to lay in bed and ask for ice cream
and I’m going to kill him I get fish spaghetti instead.
Not to be forgotten is the amazing display of love and hospitality shown by the local San
Cristobal brothers and sisters. I had the privilege of splitting my time between 2 different
lodgings. I was treated like a king at both. The Diaz family were the first ones to take me
in. Myself and Joaquin bonded instantly, another fellow MTS grad.
Then I switched over to accommodations much closer to the house I was assigned to.
Roger and Anita Montero bent over backwards for us. My sister and I were well looked
after. Definitely friends for life. 2 of the many examples of “following the Christian course of
hospitality.” (By the way Roger, I didn?t mean to steal your bible, song book and bed linen.)
In closing, I?m sorry to those who sent really nice emails from other continents as a result
of forwards, but I?m only writing in english at the moment. But thanks for the kind words
even if I can?t read polish, portuguese or australian. Your words reaffirm just how united we
are. When one of us suffers, we all hurt. That?s what empathy means, your pain in my
Warm Christian love,
Steven Serrano

Un mundo es posible … distinto

Un mundo es posible … distinto

“Hay uno muy famoso en Alejandría …” Con esas palabras se inicio una serie de 49 discursos, que tuvieron como fin ayudar a los cientos de asistentes, un mantenerse ALERTA contra las trampas Satanás que les presente para que quebranten su fidelidad a su Dios Jehova. ¿Por qué? Porque según se analizó en las seis cesiones de la “Asamblea de Distrito”, queda muy poco tiempo para que Dios traiga el día de juicio en la prometido en el que destruirá Une aquellas personas que no crean en, Biblia Dios ni “hagan su voluntad ». La Asamblea se titulo: Manténganse Alerta, basada en las palabras de Jesús a sus Seguidores, tomadas de los Evangelios de la Biblia. Esta asamblea se lleva acabo por todo el mundo y en muchísimos idiomas. En esta zona, que las ciudades abarca de Arrecifes, Baradero, San Pedro, Pergamino, Junín, Colón y más varias localidades, tuvo lugar los días 18, 19 y 20 de septiembre en su salón de Asambleas de Arroyo Seco.
¿Pero, por qué le ponen énfasis tanto a la predicación, reuniones y sus su estilo de vida para que muchos es un estilo de vida o anticuado hasta RARO? Según mostro ese mismo discursante, con la Biblia, mencionó lo que dijo Jesús Mateo 24,42 fr: “Manténganse alerta, pues, porque no saben día en que viene su Señor”.
Según mando la gente que quisiera Sobrevivir a ese día de Jesús juicio debería llevar un modo de vivir exento de inmoralidad, vocabulario sucio, Drogadicción, y violencia, que son las prácticas más comunes entre quienes no forman parte del “Pueblo de Dios”
Jesús tanto como sus apóstoles dieron cuenta de sucesos que harían ver a quienes verdaderamente prestaran atención. Por ejemplo, según se mostro en el discurso, “sepan que esta cerca el fin”, “los últimos días” se están llevando a cabo hoy. Lo Probo mencionando Une Mateo 24, Marcos 13, Lucas 21, y Revelación 6. Textualmente dijo: “Es cierto que durante el transcurso de la historia, la humanidad terremotos ha sufrido guerras,, hambre, pero la intensidad y estas la con la magnitud Que cosas hoy suceden JAMAS se ha visto. [...] Estas cosas ocurren en el mismo periodo y, como Définir la Biblia en un lugar tras otro, expresión que podemos comprenderla como a escala mundial “. Y paso a cuatro elementos principales nombrar:
1) Los acontecimientos anunciados por Lucas 21: 9-11: Las guerras. La paisaje interior de las guerras se han intensificado por demás, las guerras civiles y el terrorismo han han aumentado considerablemente y Convertido fr víctimas a millones de personas, que cifra NI todas las guerras de superan antes del siglo XX. La Escasez de alimento: Tres Treinta y países no pueden le dar de comer a sus habitantes según un informe de la ONU. Terremotos Los: un experto dijo que “la actividad sísmica ha aumentado considerablemente y porque nadie sabe. Pestes: cancer, le virus Ebola, enfermedad de las vacas locas, Asiatica aviar saisine, le neumonía paludisme,, tuberculose, SIDA, y mas muchas mencionar podría.
2) Las actitudes que mostrarían todas las personas a nivel mundial. El Apóstol fr Pablo Timoteo 3: 1-5 menciona Serian cómo las personas. Jesús también la mostro, pero lo resumió así fr Mateo 24,12: “Por el aumento del desafuero SE enfriará el amor de la mayor parte”. A la mayoría de aquellos afirman que ser cristianos se les ha enfriado el amor. Muy por el contrario, los Testigos de Jehová SE esfuerzan vigorosamente cultivar por el amor por toda clase de personas. Y se puede ver en los más de siete millones de miembros de esta religión, por que decirlo así, unidos viven bajo el mismo amor y bajo el mismo Dios, bajo un mismo modelo de vida.
3) La situación política: la Biblia lo define según menciona La Profecía de Daniel 2: 42-45: la situación política seria “frágil”, y la dominarían dos elementos, el hierro y el barro. A escala global, se han creado divisiones muchas y eso ha hecho que esta unión, tal como en la realidad es hierro UNIR con barro imposible, las políticas uniones cada vez más Frágiles fils.
4) La situación privilegiada del Pueblo de Dios en esos últimos días: Este aspecto involucra creen según los testigos de Jehová, quienes un verdaderamente Dios verdadero Adoran al. Según menciona Jesús en la Biblia, en Mateo 24,34: “De ninguna manera pasará esta generación antes de que sucedan estas cosas”. Y se mostro a lo largo de la Asamblea diversas pruebas de que es la única religión esta.
Y paso a explicar por qué más detalladamente creen y están convencidos de que “Los últimos días”, se refieren a este periodo. A lo largo de toda esa asamblea, se analizo como el tema central “mantenerse Alertas». Un mundo de Paz en medio de todo el odio mundial. Un Rasgo demasiado llamativo, sucede y que en todas las asambleas celebradas, que es Asisten ellas Une personas de toda clase: pobres ricos y, de couleur de o no, de distintos orígenes y de distintas ciudades. Entre ellos, aunque no se conocen muchos entre sí, reina un ambiente de tranquilidad y paz, que en ningún otro lugar foin. Miles de personas por varias horas, juntes permanecen, Le Péché quejarse de nada. Mientras el discursante habla, todos escuchan. Nadie se pelea con nadie, ni se discusiones escuchan. Sólo los niñitos lloran, pero todos obedecen a sus padres. Ninguna mala palabra SE escucho en los tres días.
Los niñitos les cedían el lugar a los mayores, y los varones une bebés mamas con las. Los mayores y las damas pasan primero y se ayuda a todos. Nadie empuja a nadie, ni quieren llegar primero Une ningún lado. El amor que se muestran entre ellos y entre todos los asistentes. Comparten Todos, SE sacan y fotos disfrutan de buenos momentos en unidad. Sólo se veían rostros felices en todos ellos.
¿Papeles, basura, suciedad? Cero. Limpio mantienen todos sus lugares de Adoración o, como los llaman ellos, sus “salones”. Mujeres, hombres, niñitos Colaboran mayores y para que el ambiente en el que están Mer limpio y agradable.
Realmente sorprende cómo millones de personas conviven Unidas en un mundo totalmente alejado de lo que todos conocemos. El amor, La Paz, Buena vestimenta, la amabilidad, la limpieza, el orden. Esas cualidades se podían ver dentro de ese lugar. Sin duda más que una religión de anticuados. muchos como la llaman, están mucho más avanzados que la mayoría de nosotros en su modo de vivir, porque rigen su vida bajo la Biblia. Una religión admirable. Si todos fueran Testigos de Jehová el mundo no estaría igual.
Martín Vásques.

Aguadulce acoge a más de 2.000 Testigos de Jehová de la provincia y Motril

Durante el fin de semana el Palacio de Congresos se ha convertido en su ‘fortín’ donde se ha bautizado a 7 personas

En la provincia de Almería se estima que hay más de dos mil Testigos de Jehová, quienes en su mayoría se reúnen durante el pasado y el próximo fin de semana en el palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Aguadulce, uno de sus habituales lugares de encuentro, puesto que el edificio dispone de amplias salas que pueden albergar a cientos de personas durante sus encuentros religiosos. Concretamente el fin de semana que acaba de terminar tuvo lugar, el sábado, la reunión de las congregaciones del Levante de la provincia, y el domingo de tres congregaciones de la capital almeriense y otras tres de Roquetas de Mar, dándose cita más de 1500 personas entre los dos días. El próximo fin de semana se celebrará en el mismo escenario la reunión de los Testigos de Jehová de El Ejido y de la zona granadina de Motril, esperándose también la asistencia de un número similar de fieles.

Uno de los momentos más importantes de estos encuentros que se celebran es el bautismo. Aquellas personas que después de meses o años de meditación, estudio y práctica de los textos sagrados deciden bautizarse como Testigo de Jehová son sumergidos en una piscina pórtatil situada en el edificio, en una ceremonia seguida en directo por circuito cerrado de televisión por todo el palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones. De esta manera los fieles comprueban cómo sus nuevos hermanos han ratificado su fe. Según Francisco Freire, responsable de Comunicación, “en este caso de tres sesiones podemos llegar a los 2.500 asistentes. El domingo asistimos más de 800 personas, el Levante se reunió el sábado con más de 700 personas. El próximo fin de semana El Ejido y Motril con una asistencia similar. Hemos celebrado ya siete bautizos. Dos de Vera, dos de Albox, dos de Almería y una señora de Roquetas de Mar”. Testigos de Jehová finalizó recientemente la construcción de un nuevo Salón del Reino en nuestra provincia, como ellos denominan a sus templos. Ha sido en la barriada ejidense de Las Norias donde los mismos Testigos de Jehová construyeron con sus manos las nuevas instalaciones, una práctica habitual en esta congregación, puesto que además de cristianos son albañiles, fontaneros, electricistas, etc. La inauguración del Salón del Reino de las Norias ha permitido descongestionar bastante la asistencia de los fieles al existente anteriormente en la zona de Las Salinas.

Haití: Nuevas fotos de la ayuda de los Testigos de Jehová

Haití: Nuevas fotos de la ayuda de los Testigos de Jehová
 Applying annesthesia to Elizé Milien
Getting ready to amputate his right leg above the knee
 Part of the staff: Brothers Cabral (left) & Grossman (right)
 Br. M. Lucas using the electrocauterization.
 Out of surgery in recovery room: Dr. L. Gomez (non JW); M. Grossman (USA), P. Lucas & M. Lucas (GER)
 Day after surgery. We thought we almost lost him. Very anemic and tachycardia.
 Happy face after getting discharged… In one day our doctors worked to get 6 of our brothers out the hospital to our Recuperation Shelters.
 Our little warrior, Elize also got discharged. Can you see him smile. (Tears get in my eyes every time I think of him)
 Arriving into a Recuperation Shelter. He was very weak, and we need to transport him the next day in a helicopter in Haiti. We could only pray that he could make it thru the night.
 Next morning: Ready to leave to the Airport.
 Waiting for authorization to enter to Tormac
A cheerful moment… good bye my little warrior!!!
 The same day we had to drive to Azua and get the discharge for Winchel Laurente (13) and drive her to the border to send to Assembly Hall in HTI. it was 2 PM then.
 Matt Grossman rode in the back with her.
 Winchele’s mothers, Sister Ducarmel Laurente and our little warrior cousin, Lovely Italiane (very corageous)
  HTI Brach vehicle waited for us at the border and we transfered the patient, the families, medical staff & supplies. One more hour for then before getting to the branch. 5 more hrs for us. It was 6:45 pm. We got home @ 1 am fisically, mentally & emotionally exhausted but with high spirit and a strong conviction that this is Jehovah’s Organization.
  haitian border
 bethel reception
 victims, dead and missing
OP room
 special pioneer lost his leg
 bibelstudent saved by sister
 people coming back for treatment
 parking at assembly hall, people still living there
 baptism pool,in the back treating woman.she died next day
 assembly hall entrence, charging cellphones and labtops
 outside camp
 loving welcome
 trying to comunicate but cristian love need no translation
ASL congregation

Haití: Fotos de los socorros de los Testigos de Jehová en Jimaní

Una breve presentación PP sobre el trabajo de socorro de los Testigos de Jehová que se hizo entre 15 a 23 enero, 2010 en la frontera con Haití en Jimaní.

Por fin podemos publicar el pase de diapositivas sobre la labor de socorro que se hizo entre 15-23 en 2010 en la frontera con Haití en Jimaní, explicando paso a paso todo el esfuerzo y aprobado por los hermanos involucrados.

No se olvide de pantalla completa (haga clic en el botón en la barra de tareas inferior).


Entonces, “¿qué puedo hacer? “

Muchos hermanos en todo el mundo se han puesto disponibles para ayudar en la labor de socorro. Algunos viven en el extranjero y por lo tanto no pueden proporcionar ayuda directa, pero lo hacen a través de contribuciones a la obra mundial y mediante cartas alentadoras. Otros viven a nivel local y se hacen voluntarios para cuidar a los hermanos en los hospitales. Pero sea lo que sea que estemos haciendo, sigamos haciéndolo! Aprovechemos la oportunidad de predicar la esperanza del Reino a muchos, usando a estas experiencias como ejemplos de nuestra fe en la única solución al sufrimiento: el nuevo sistema. Nunca subestimemos el poder que tiene la oración. Mantengamos en mente a Salmos 91:4-8 mientras estemos caminamos en medio de la destrucción de este sistema. Pero nada nos tocara si mantenemos nuestra vista fija en el Perfeccionador de nuestra fe, Jehová Dios.

Haití: ¿La emergencia francesa a tenido que pedir prestado material a los testigos de Jehová?

Haití: ¿La emergencia francesa a “tenído que pedir prestado material a los testigos de Jehová”?

Acabo de ver su último informe sobre la coordinación de los esfuerzos de ayuda en Haití. Un informe realizado en enero pasado 25 y publicado este sábado. Una palabra viene al espíritu “edificante”.

Por prueba: El equipo de la película asistió a ” un mal funcionamiento en el local de Seguridad Pública en París”, escribió la televisión en su sitio web.

Durante una conferencia de rutina entre la oficina de París y de Haití, una grave escasez de medicamentos es denunciada por un funcionario de ayuda en Port-aux-Prince. En este vídeo publicado por LaTélé se oye “el coronel Christophe Renou en el sitio en Haití”, explicando: “Estamos reducidos a la mendicidad de las ONG. El apoyo parece petrificado …

Y agregó: “Ayer, hemos pedido material a los Testigos de Jehová, a este nivel hemos llegado”.

“Muy pronto, se nos pide que deje la cámara y salgamos. También se nos pide de no difundir lo que se trata de la película, y nadie va a comentar lo que se dijo en Durante esta reunión “, dice el artículo en La TV Libre, en relación con el vídeo.
El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, por su parte, fue interrogado después de esta metedura de pata.

Y lo menos que podemos decir, mirando el informe, y segun lo que dice el portavoz es que no hay ningún problema ….No comment


Je viens de visionner leur dernier reportage sur la coordination des secours en Haïti. Un reportage réalisé le 25 janvier dernier et mis en ligne ce samedi. Un mot me vient à l’espirt: “édifiant”.

Pour preuve : l’équipe de tournage “a assisté à un dysfonctionnement dans les locaux de la Sécurité Civile à Paris”, écrit la Télé Libre sur son site.

Lors d’une conférence de routine entre le bureau de Paris et Haïti, une grave pénurie de médicaments est dénoncée par un responsable des secours à Port -aux-Prince. Sur cette vidéo mise en ligne par LaTélé, on entend “le Colonel Christophe Renou sur place à Haïti” expliquer: “On en est réduit à la mendicité auprès des ONG”. L’assistance semble médusée…

Avant d’ajouter : “Hier, on a emprunté aux témoins de Jéhovah, voilà le niveau quoi”.

Très vite, on nous demande d’arrêter la caméra et de quitter les lieux. On nous demande également de ne pas diffuser ce que l’on vient de filmer, et personne ne voudra s’exprimer sur ce qui s’est dit au cours de cette réunion”, précise l’article de La Télé Libre en marge de la vidéo.

Le Ministère des Affaires étrangères a, de son côté, été interrogé après ce couac.

Et le moins que l’on puisse dire en regardant le reportage, c’est qu’à entendre le porte-parole, il n’y a pas de problèmes…. no comment.

envoyé par latelelibre. – L’info video en direct.

Funcionarios de Moscú pretenden desalojar a la Sucursal de los Testigos de Jehová

Los funcionarios de Moscú pretenden desalojar a la sucursal de los Testigos de Jehová

El prefecto del distrito norte de Moscú, Oleg Mitvol, dijo el miércoles que los funcionarios planean llevar a cabo un plan para desalojar a la Sucursal de los Testigos de Jehová en Moscú, una finca del siglo 18 en el norte de Moscú. 

Mitvol dijo que dichos bienes Mikhalkovo con cerca de 100 hectáreas fue privatizada ilegalmente por una fábrica de algodón de Moscú y posteriormente vendida a los Testigos de Jehova.  La finca Se estima en un valor de $ 350 millones.

“Hemos estado Recibiendo continuas quejas de los Veteranos de que el edificio histórico de la calle Mikhalkovskaya en la actualidad Alberga una Sucursal de los Testigos de Jehová”, agregó.

Rusia considera que los Testigos de Jehová son una secta religiosa y por lo tanto sus actividades son ilegales. Rusia reconoce oficialmente a la Ortodoxia Rusa, el catolicismo, el Budismo, el Islam y el judaísmo como las principales religiones de Rusia, aunque otras religiones también están presentes.

Los funcionarios tienen la esperanza de avanzar con dicho plan para el desaolojo y proceder a construir un centro comunitario para los discapacitados en 2012.

Los procesos judiciales están en curso.

Reclusos bautizados en la cárcel

4 presos más fueron bautizados hoy, 1 de febrero de 2010.

Reclusos bautizados para el total aquí en Lapu-Lapu cárcel de la ciudad es ahora de 8 en vez de 9, porque un preso hermano murió el año pasado. Más presos están estudiando la Biblia y asisten a reuniones dentro del complejo de la cárcel. Un completo (5 sesiones) se celebra todos los lunes por la mañana y nuestros hermanos presos celosamente comparten y participan activamente en las reuniones. Es una conmovedora e inspirador lugar para ver y escuchar ex asesinos y traficantes de drogas dar charlas y explicar las verdades bíblicas. Sí, es doloroso ver llorar lo que se refiere a sus experiencias y los cambios que estaban haciendo.

¡Gloria a Jehová nuestro Dios, que dejar que estos reclusos crescan en la verdad!

y el final del Drama: