Construccion 12 junio 2008

Church Volunteers Build On Faith 6/12/08
Mike Barker
CBS 7 News
June 12, 2008

Odessa, TX. – Hundreds of workers are putting up a huge building on 87th street in north Odessa. That’s not unusual until you find out it’s being done labor free and with other donations.

600 workers are taking vacations and time off from their regular jobs to build a ten thousand square foot building. But, they’re not working for money, they’re building on their faith.

Early this morning, rows of cars lined 87th street near Dawn in north Odessa. Up to six hundred workers donate their time and skills to build a Jehovah’s Witnesses Church like no other in the area. Elder Rick Dietz told CBS 7 News, “…it’s basically out of love for their brothers and sister out of the congregation…their concern and love for the folks here in this territory.”

The church will have double Kingdom Halls for services and will be home to four congregations, three Spanish and one English. A five man regional building committee which travels the country helps coordinate the volunteer workers. Case Dugan, a member of the Regional Building Committee, says, “…our r.b.c. provides assistance through out the world regardless of where a person may live or how large the congregation is.”

Dozens of others work behind the scenes peeling potatoes and preparing food to feed the hundreds of hungry workers. Food service coordinator, Steve Simpson, tells CBS 7, “…friday, we’ll feed all the way through midnight and then well feed all day saturday and saturday night.”

The construction crew begins each day with prayer. They supply their own tools and a lot of dedication. Church members say this project is a result of enormous growth among the Jehovah’s Witnesses Church locally.

Church elder Rick Dietz says the congregations hope to finish their church in two weeks. It promises to be an impressive achievement.

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