District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Philippines

The 2nd day of the District Convention of jehovah’s Witnesses in Quezon City, Philippines. Here is song number 204 in the tagalog tongue. Nov. 11, 2006 …

Kingdom Song 204 in tagalog

Here is a video of the baptism on the 2nd day of our Deliverance at Hand District Convention. There’s a hidden pool on the stage. A lot of brothers were baptized…an ever growing number of witnesses for Jehovah!! Nov. 11, 2006

Baptism Part 1

Baptism Part 2

Baptism Part 3

It’s lunch time! I went to buy something at 7-11 store so on my way back to the assembly hall, I took a video of the place. It’s a very spacious space! It looks like paradise inside the compound! Nov. 11, 2006 …

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