Georgiano nacionales deportados de Azerbaiyán


Georgian nationals deported from Azerbaijan

TBILISI, Georgia—Two Georgian nationals, Elguja Khutsishvili and Temur Aliev, were deported from Azerbaijan to Georgia on July 23, 2009, without receiving any documents to explain the reason for their deportation. Prior to their deportation both men, who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, had their religious literature confiscated by police and state security agents.

On July 15, about eight men—from local police, including the deputy chief, as well as officers from the State Security Services—arrived at the home of Elguja Khutsishvili and demanded that he hand over “the weapons.” When Khutsishvili told them he did not have any weapons, he was told to hand over any religious literature. Then police entered the house and confiscated all the religious literature they could find. Police also took the passport of Khutsishvili’s wife as well as the passport of Khutsishvili’s brother, who lives nearby, and refused to return these documents. Elguja Khutsishvili was detained for eight days, during which time he was not allowed to see either his wife or a lawyer; he was then deported.

Khutsishvili is an ethnic Georgian who was born and raised in the city of Gakh in Azerbaijan. That is where he went to school and completed his term of military service prior to becoming one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Since his deportation, Khutsishvili remains in Georgia separated from his family, home and work in Azerbaijan. His wife, Tarana, is an Azeri citizen and is in the final month of her pregnancy; their other two children are now without their father.

Temur Aliev is an ethnic Azerbaijani who lives in Georgia and has a Georgian passport. He often travels to the city of Ganja in Azerbaijan and works there for a period of time selling watermelons. On July 13, a policeman came to his workplace and accused him of illegally doing business. Although he had all the necessary documents, he and his colleague were taken to the police station, where they were held in terrible conditions, insulted and not given food. Meanwhile, the police searched their residences and confiscated whatever religious literature they found there. Then Aliev was brought to immigration services in Baku and was detained there until his deportation on July 23, when he was flown to Georgia along with Elguja Khutsishvili.

Azerbaijan enjoyed significant religious freedom in the past, but recent trends show a steady decline. Article 48 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan maintains: “Everyone has the right to define his/her attitude to religion, to profess, individually or together with others, any religion . . . and spread one’s beliefs concerning religion.” Therefore, it is hoped that Elguja Khutsishvili will be allowed to return to Azerbaijan to be reunited (with his pregnant wife and their two children). This would be in harmony with Azerbaijan’s promise to abide by the European Convention, which includes the guarantees enshrined in Article 8 – Right to respect for a person’s private and family life, and in Article 9 – Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

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  1. que jehova vendiga a todos los hermanos que por seg
    uir sus normas son maltratados jehová esta con todos los hermanos especialmente con los que sufren oramos para que jehová nos proteja en esto tiempos cada vez mas dificiles todo el amor de todos los hermanos para los que mas lo necesiten

  2. queridos hermanos pedimos a nuestro Dios y padre q le siga dando fuerza por que mediante su aguante le esta mostrando al gobernante de este mundo q Jehova es nuestro Dios y padre y q le servimos en cualquier sircustacia Recuerde 2 tesa falta muy poco para eso ,en meno q uno se de cuenta ya vamos estar en el nuevo mundo por eso sigan sigan adelante q Jehova esta pelendo con ustedes muchos cariños

  3. no nos podemos esperar nada de bueno del gobernante del mundo, Jesus dijo Mateo 24:9, pero nos anima en el en el ver. 13 diciendo que toda la maldad que provenga de Satanas el arci enemigo de Jehova y sus agentes tendra un final,animo hermanos,vuestro aguante nos sirve de animo para cuando nosotros tengamos que demostrar nuestro amor y lealtad, alabemos todos juntos por la eternidad a Jehova nuestro magnifico Dios a pesar de las dificultades, reciban nuestro amor fraternal

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