GSAT PERFORMER: SHARI ROWE – Bee champ abuzz with brilliance


EVERYONE DESCRIBES her as quiet, unassuming and shy. Yet, no one doubted her success or was surprised at her achievement. At 12, Shari Rowe has hit the double: She is The Gleaner/Children’s Own 2006 Spelling Bee champion for Westmoreland and top achiever for the parish in the Grade Six Achievement Test.

The Frome Preparatory School student, who hopes to become a dentist, has been awarded a Government Scholarship to Hampton High in St. Elizabeth.

Principal of Frome Prep, Cherila Maddan, was not surprised at the announcement of the scholarship.

“I was expecting that result from her because she is consistent with her grades,” she said.


Mrs. Maddan describes Shari as an extremely focused, academically-excellent student, who likes to please her teacher.

“From grade one she has been performing extremely well. She was always placed first in her class and has consistently maintained an average of over 90 per cent.”

Shari says that while at home in Town Head, Westmoreland, she loves to read, listen to music, watch TV and play Game Boy.

“She takes her books seriously, but she is aware of current happenings, especially the music,” her mother, Jacqueline Williams-Rowe, a nurse said.

“I could see this success coming,” Mrs. Williams-Rowe added. “I kept telling her ‘just study and don’t watch the others,’ because she has potential.”

This bright youngster who worships at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses says the secret to success is to “settle down, study hard and put God first.”


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