Jehovah’s Witnesses creates DVDs for hearing impaired

Jehovah’s Witnesses creates DVDs for hearing impaired

ST. PETERSBURG – A congregation of 86 Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible teachers spend much of their free time exclusively searching for deaf and hard of hearing persons that use American Sign Language. It is their desire to make available DVDs, videotapes and other Bible-based educational materials, all in ASL, to those that they find.

Surprisingly, the majority of the deaf that they find aren’t aware of the vast library of resources currently available on DVD and videotape in ASL. While most deaf are accustomed to watching TV and hoping their favorite programs are closed captioned, Jehovah’s Witnesses understand that ASL and English are two entirely different languages. That’s why all of the DVDs they have are presented directly in sign language and easily understood by all that watch them.

For those who have lost a loved one in death, “When Someone You Love Dies” is a DVD with helpful suggestions on coping with such a loss and the grieving process. “The Secret of Family Happiness” provides Bible-based instruction vital for parents and children alike as they face the many stresses of today’s ever-changing world. Young and old alike enjoy “My Book of Bible Stories” (a chronological collection of 116 well known Bible stories) as well as “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived,” a detailed account of Jesus’ life and ministry from his childhood to his death and resurrection.

Last year, a new set of DVDs was produced on the Bible. Currently, the books of Matthew and John are available on DVD in an easy to use format that allows someone to find a scripture and watch it in sign language.

All of these ASL-language DVDs are made available without charge. Contact the Sign Language Congregation in care of Ninian Beall, tty, 864-0106; phone, 864-2431; fax, 864-9525; e-mail,


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