Jehovah’s Witnesses assemble on Friday

Posted on Sat, Jun. 24, 2006

Jehovah’s Witnesses assemble on Friday

From Staff Reports

As in the past several years, two summer conventions of the Jehovah’s Witnesses are being held at the Columbus Civic Center, 400 Fourth St.

The first begins Friday and ends July 2. The second gathering is July 7-9. The public is invited to all sessions.

Nearly 5,000 delegates from Georgia, northwest Florida and east Alabama are expected at each convention, adding an expected $2.8 million to the area economy. Through September, 266 such meetings are being held in 73 U.S. cities. The theme this year is “Deliverance at Hand!”

The worldwide religion is based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Here are a few basic beliefs of the faith, according to its Web site:

• The people: Jehovah’s Witnesses are members of a worldwide Christian religion who actively share with others information about God, whose name is Jehovah, and about his son, Jesus Christ. They view first-century Christianity as their model.

• The Bible: It is God’s infallible Word, upon which Jehovah’s Witnesses base all their beliefs. They interpret some passages figuratively or symbolically.

• God: Jehovah is the name of the only true God, the Creator of all things. His main qualities are love, justice, wisdom and power.

• Jesus: The Son of God. He came to earth from heaven and gave his perfect human life as a sacrifice. His death and resurrection made salvation to eternal life possible for those exercising faith in him. Jesus never claimed equality with God, and is not part of the Trinity.

• Funding: Primarily by voluntary donations from Jehovah’s Witnesses. No collections are taken at meetings, and members are not required to tithe. Clearly marked contribution boxes are provided in all meeting places for voluntary donations, which remain anonymous. Expenses are manageable, as there are no paid clergy and the meeting places are modest.


What: Jehovah’s Witnesses summer conventions

When: Friday through July 2; and July 7-9. Morning sessions are at 9:30. Friday and Saturday afternoon meetings begin at 2. Sunday sessions begin at 2:40 p.m.

Where: Columbus Civic Center (South Commons), 400 Fourth St.

Phone: 334-291-9595.


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