Jehovah’s Witnesses in 3-day convention on Saipan

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Kingdom Hall in Gualo Rai will host a three-day “Deliverance at Hand!” District Convention beginning tomorrow.

Large numbers of residents and visitors from the CNMI and Guam will converge at The Kingdom Hall, Gualo Rai, tomorrow for the start of the 2006 “Deliverance at Hand!” District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

For the past three weeks, households on Saipan, Tinian and Rota have been offered attractive invitations about the convention as the Witnesses invited them to attend the three-day event.

The program will emphasize that mankind needs deliverance from the effects of inherited sin and its consequence, death. Talks and symposiums will emphasize comforting scriptures that detail God’s loving provision for everlasting deliverance made possible by the sacrifices of his Son, Jesus Christ. Witnesses believe that current events fulfill Bible prophecies indicating that God’s day of reckoning is fast approaching. The need for deliverance will be explored as well, infusing the program with a tone of urgency.

Each day’s program will be based on a Bible passage that emphasizes reliance on God as the preeminent deliverer of the righteous. The convention promises to stress compelling scriptural reasons for taking decisive action when pondering the direction of one’s life.

Other outstanding features of the program include a baptism ceremony on Saturday and a Bible-based drama presentation on Sunday. The drama will show how godly obedience is required in order for one to gain deliverance. The public discourse “Deliverance of God’s Kingdom is at Hand!” will be presented on Sunday afternoon. The speaker will discuss why there is a greater need for deliverance now than ever before and how God will provide salvation by means of His Kingdom in the hands of Christ Jesus. Witnesses note that millions of people are acquainted with the model prayer recorded at Matthew 6:9-13, in which Jesus taught his disciples to pray for that Kingdom,

Program sessions start at 9:30am each of the three days of the convention. Admission is free and no collection will be taken.


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