Kingdom Hall in Ault gets a four-day rebuilding

Greeley TribuneKingdom Hall in Ault gets a four-day rebuilding

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Shelly Raffaeli, right, works with Brittany Lane to attach a portion of siding to the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall Church in Ault. More than 300 volunteers remodeled the church in less than four days.
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Erica Grundin
November 12, 2007

Jehovah’s Witnesses are best known for knocking on doors to spread their ministry. But this weekend they were doing something a little different. The Ault Kingdom Hall received a four-day rejuvenation

Like a television makeover show, nearly 250 Jehovah’s Witness volunteers from across the region swarmed the Ault Kingdom Hall to rebuild it. The building was not completely torn down, but it was demolished on the inside and extended 20 feet.

“It’s something cool to watch,” said Roger Kelley, a member of the Ault congregation.

Jehovah’s Witnesses use this fast-building technique throughout the world. The regional building committee that oversees most of Colorado rebuilt six this year.

“Our main focus is on our ministry,” Kelley said. “By building quickly, we can get back to that.”

When the congregation decided to give the aging hall, originally a quick-build in 1984, a makeover, they contacted the Regional Building Committee, which helped organize the project. The committee helps the congregation obtain loans through their organization and decide what aspects of the rebuild are necessary.

“For us, it is the realization of years of planning and saving,” Kelley said.

Money for the project came from loans from the Jehovah’s Witness organization and from saving donations made by members.

Five weeks ago, the work began for the Ault congregation. They demolished the inside of the building, leaving only a skeleton. The group also arranged to have concrete poured for the parking lot and sidewalks around the hall.

Then the fast-paced makeover began. The project continues 24 hours a day for four days. Volunteers specialize in any number of construction aspects including brick laying, stucco, roofing, electric, drywall, heating and air conditioning vents, security, parking supervisors and more.

“It’s amazing to have this many people working together,” said Leo Newell, a member of the Ault congregation. Newell has helped work on and organize several other quick-build projects.

Each of the four days of construction, the entire 250-member crew pauses in the morning for a Scripture reading and discussion.

“It helps us remember this is an act of love and worship,” Kelley said.

Friday morning the roof was finished in three hours, and by Friday afternoon, the outlines of the bathrooms, teaching room, mother’s room and main auditorium were all evident. Crews were only waiting on a inspector to OK the electrician’s work before they began putting up walls. Saturday, the crew expected to begin painting, and Sunday the project was expected to be finished.

The congregation is excited to see the fruit of their hard work and planning and held a brief Watch Tower Study on Sunday afternoon.

“We want a place that reflects well on our God,” said Kelley.

The Ault Kingdom Hall will conduct an open house for the public to see the new facility from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday. If you would like to know more about the Jehovah’s Witnesses, visit

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