Leopold Engleitner 103 , UNBROKEN WILL , Educational DVD

UNBROKEN WILL — The educational DVD
About the main feature:
As one of the world’s oldest concentration camp survivors the Austrian Leopold Engleitner, born 1905, returns to the places where it all happended and talks about his exciting life.
This touching and impressive documentary recounts the experiences of this humble man, who, because he was a Bible Student (Jehovah’s Witness) and objected to military service had to endure the brutal machinery of the Hitler regime in three concentration camps (Buchenwald, Niederhagen and Ravens-brück). This film includes original film material from the years 1896 to 1945.

Written, produced and directed by Bernhard Rammerstorfer
Total running time: 148 mins.
Languages and subtitles: German, English, Italian

The educational DVD contains not only the full documentary (61 mins.) and an abridged version of it (27 mins.) but also five films (between 8–15 mins.) showing special events from 1999–2004 relating to Engleitner’s awareness-raising as a survivor of Nazi persecution.

Leopold Engleitner (born July 23, 1905) is a Holocaust survivor and conscientious objector, the subject of the documentary Unbroken Will, and speaks publicly on his experiences with students. Leopold Engleitner is now the oldest survivor of the concentration camps Buchenwald, Niederhagen and Ravensbrück.

A biography of Leopold Engleitner was narrada by it to one hundred years of age and was published in the Magazine The Watchtower of May 1, 2005, pages 23 to 28, with the title: Though weak, I feel powerful.

A biografia de Leopold Engleitner foi narrada por ele aos cem anos de idade e foi publicada na revista A Sentinela de 1 de Maio de 2005, páginas 23 a 28, com o título: Embora fraco, sinto-me poderoso.

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