Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust: Special JW Program

A program to upbuild your faith and hope. For you to share.


Dear friends:

This is something being shared with all of you for I know many of you live in the Los Angeles/Orange County areas–or you have friends with whom you will want to share this special invitation. You may recall that only a few weeks ago the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust had a really special event–with a very fine presentation by Dr. Michael Berenbaum and then a surprise visit–from Max and Simone Liebster, our dear, dear friends who survived and have both written books that we have enjoyed to tell their experiences. No, Max and Simone were not in Los Angeles in person but were in their home in France and spoke to us through a web camera and it was like we were with them in the same room.

So many tried to come to that program but the seating was extremely limited–but wisely the museum scheduled a second program at the last minute which was later in the day .. So many of the friends were able to hear the program and also see the exhibit that is shown in the Attachment to this letter (or below if you cannot open an Attachment). There are pictures in the Attachment.

But now the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust has decided to really open this up for more people. They’ve obtained a facility in what is called Laguna Woods Village (but formerly was known as Leisure World) and it is right there where Hwy #5 and #405 come together, just past Irvine a few exits. There are hundreds of seats so you will not be left out if you wish to take your family or friends from the congregation. If you have already seen the film “Knocking” on DVD you recognize that Brother Joseph Kempler is the brother who tells his story and now he will be here in person to share. What a privilege it will be to hear him, to meet him, as well as the other folks who will be involved. Below is the material that shows in the Attachments: This Exhibition set up in the LA Museum is particularly slanted toward our youths who would face problems similar to what Rudolf and Sim one faced and involves using their cell phones at the museum as they hear them individually narrate points at each of the 12 storyboards, as Rudolf and Simone speak to them.

For the February 28 program: If you are wondering about the cost of admission, you realize that this is using a rented facility and so there are certain expenses to be covered. Certainly it is not for any of Jehovah’s Witnesses who might be a part of the program, for we all know that any work we do is free. Please do send this on to any of your friends who may live in this area. The museum was careful and thoughtful to arrange this on a night when not as many have regular congregation meetings.

Your brother, Weldon



Explorations of Faith & The Holocaust

February 28, 2007 / 7pm 9pm
Join us for a panel discussion of faith in the Holocaust with Jehovah’s Witness Survivor Joe Kempler (below, right), Jewish Survivor Renee Firestone (right), and religious representatives from the Jewish and Jehovah’s Witnesses communities.

We will show clips from the award-winning documentary Knocking (www.knocking.org) which details experience of two Witness families facing a crisis of faith, and the new film Swimming in Auschwitz by filmmaker Jon Kean, which chronicles the life of five female Survivors of Auschwitz.

Following the presentation, audience members will have the opportunity to ask the panelists questions about their experiences.
Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007

Doors open 6:00pm

Tickets $20.00

23822 Avenida Sevilla

Laguna Woods Village, CA


Information 323.782.1442

A copy of the infamous Declaration of Renunciation (above) which the Nazis offered Witnesses to sign in exchange for release from concentration camps.


Tickets go on sale Feb.5


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