Messy Clean Up After Storms Rage Through Kentucky

Messy Clean Up After Storms Rage Through Kentucky

Aug 11, 2006 07:01 PM


In Madison County heavy winds knocked down a church building that was under construction.

Workers with Kingdom Hall Contruction were building a Jehovah Witness Church near Interstate 75 off exit 87. Workers said they didn’t see any funnel clouds, but the winds were extremely strong and started knocking down the construction site.

One person said, “I was really afraid some of these large joists would go sweeping that way like 60 or 70 mile an hour and just wipe out a bunch of people; but we didn’t have anybody injured, so.”

Workers have propped some construction equipment next to a wall to provide support to keep one side of the structure from caving in.

Severe storms have left damage in Central Kentucky.

In Lincoln County, high winds actually blew a barn into a home. The barn ripped a large hole in the roof of the house.

The homeowners say the barn crashed into the home about 10 feet away from where their grand-child was sleeping. Thankfully, the little boy was not hurt.


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