Mexico : Missionary family home for Stampede

Missionary family home for Stampede

Carrie Tallen (left) their friend Eileen Niquidet, Randy Tallen and daughter Coral visit during the Stampede Street Party. The Tallen family lives most of the year in Mazatlan, Mexico and comes home to visit family for about a month each year, usually at Stampede time. Coral was helping Carrie’s sister run the photography booth at the Street Party. Gaeil Farrar photo

By GAEIL FARRARTribune Staff Writer
Jul 06 2006

Carrie and Randy Tallen and their daughter Coral are on a month-long holiday in Williams Lake visiting their family.

They took in the Stampede over the weekend.

The Tallens have made their home in Mazatlan Mexico for the past four-and-a-half years.

They are volunteer Bible teachers with the Jehovah’s Witness Church. Randy sells condominiums and houses in an English speaking enclave set around a golf course and marina in Mazatlan to finance their work in Mexico.

In addition to its status as a tourist destination, Carrie says Mazatlan is the main industrial port city for the Pacific side of Mexico and has a population of about 850,000 people.

Carrie says there are 90 Spanish congregations and two English congregations of Jehovah’s Witness in Mazatlan. The Tallens are with one of the English groups. She says there is approximately one Jehovah’s Witness to every 300 Catholics living in Mexico.

The Tallens have both of their families living in Williams Lake and come home to visit for about a month each year. That month usually coincides with Stampede so this year Coral helped out Carrie’s sister Joelle Pitre at the Stampede Street Party taking pictures of people in western and old time costumes.

Carrie says Coral attended a public school for the first few years they were in Mexico and now attends a private school. She says Coral is perfectly fluent in both Spanish and English, but she and Randy are still struggling to become fluent in Spanish.


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