This video provides an overview and the benefits of the transfusion free medicine and surgery efforts at Good Samaritan Hospital Los Angeles. This video is provided as a non-profit service from Imago Film Productions and Good Samaritan Hospital.

in our November 6, 2006 NoBlood Bulletin we introduced a feature on our NoBlood Wiki site entitled: Patients that refuse blood transfusions—FAQ’s.
It has been viewed some 5,700 times at this point. I thought I would draw attention to it because I came across a video interview with Doctor Michael La Corte dealing with this very subject.

Introduction to NoBlood Wiki article entitled: Patients Who Refuse Blood Transfusions – FAQs
Moderated by Bassam F. Matar, MD – NoBlood Editorial Team

In the complex world of medical care, there are people who, for various reasons, will not accept certain treatments or medications. Against the advice of their doctors and family, some choose to refuse or discontinue chemotherapy for cancer, even though they know the likelihood that their death may be imminent without the treatment.

Some concerned parents, whether due to religious or other objections, choose not to allow their children to receive immunizations others consider routine, even vital. Other people refuse to accept blood transfusions, even if such might prolong their life in an emergency. Many of the latter are Jehovah’s Witnesses, who assert a Bible-based objection to taking blood into their bodies.

What are some of the reasons that health care providers may encounter for Witnesses accepting or rejecting treatments or medications involving blood? Do all Witnesses make the same decisions? If not, why not? Physicians may experience understandable perplexity and frustration when, for example, one hemorrhaging Witness patient is willing to accept Factor VII, and one is not. For similar reasons, non-Witness family members and the general public may mistakenly perceive that Witnesses’ choices are frivolous and even hypocritical…when in fact the choices they make are guided by individual conscience. Like any other human beings, the dictates of conscience on certain matters may differ between individuals who nonetheless hold earnestly to the same religious precepts.

With a view toward assisting physicians to better understand this issue, the NoBlood Team has started an ongoing Wiki project to discover and catalogue various reasons Witness patients might give for accepting or refusing various medications and treatments involving blood. This project is in the beginning stages, but is expected to evolve and develop with the help of health care professionals and others interested who may have a sincere interest in making positive contributions to this effort. We invite you to learn more here.

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