NY1 Gets Rare Glimpse Inside Jehovah’s Witness Headquarters

NY1 Gets Rare Glimpse Inside Jehovah’s Witness Headquarters

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They set up their headquarters in Brooklyn nearly a century ago, but few New Yorkers have been inside the Jehovah’s Witnesses massive operation.

Thirty-three buildings located in Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO make up the Watchtower Society’s complex. Most are residences for their 3,000 members, who receive apartments and meals in exchange for their services.

Jehovah’s Witnesses volunteer their skills including cooking, cleaning, engineering and producing Bible literature. They eat together and use bridges and underground tunnels to travel between their buildings.

“The purpose of the tunnels is to benefit us,” said Robert Alexander of the Watchtower Society. “It helps us to move the individuals, the volunteers who are part of the headquarters staff, through the tunnels in all types of weather as well as various commodities that we need to keep the buildings in good maintenance and good repair. Also we also find it’s a great benefit to our neighbors living in Brooklyn Heights because then it leaves more of the sidewalks and streets free and clear for them to use.”

The Watchtower Society also generates its own electricity. The headquarters attracts about 60,000 visitors a year.


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