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Building A House Of Worship In Four Days


Ben Owens has worked to build nearly 20 kingdom halls during the last six years. He says since the 1980s, its been standard practice for brothers and sisters from Jehovah’s Witnesses to build their own halls over one or two weekends.

“Our main purpose is to preach the good news of the kingdom of God, and so it enables the congregation to get back to preaching the good news,” says Owens.

With the help of more than a dozen congregations from across Arkansas consisting of 500 volunteers, the new building in Hot Springs Village will take less than four days.

Supervisors say the key to getting the kingdom hall built is organization. Each volunteer belongs to a department that they report to throughout the day for their specific job.

Janelle Milbrant’s, 16, job is to make sure builders stay hydrated with lots of fluids. Milbrant graduated high school six months ago, and since then has donated her time to New Orleans Katrina relief and building kingdom halls here in Arkansas.

“I like seeing everybody working together because we don’t see that too much anymore,” says Milbrant.

Free labor cuts the cost of the 3,200 square foot church by more than half, but volunteers say that’s not the only reason they do it.

“We enjoy being able to do this for those that may not be able to do this project on their own. For the last six years this has been my family,” says Owens.

The group says they’re all brothers and sisters serving the same God, and while some may call it a miracle of speed in building construction, these witnesses call it a labor of love for each other.


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