Terremoto: Noticias de nuestros hermanos de Italia

Received from a friend in Bethel – translated from German

Dear ones,

Today at lunchtime there was an announcement from the Bethel family stating:

The branch office in Rome informed us that 242 brothers are living in that region, belonging to 3 congregations.

No one was bruised but some have lost everything. They will be brought into caravans and in an Assembly Hall and are supplied well. Two brothers from the Bethel came to them and care for the brothers. At the moment there is no need of external help.

Warm regards Stephan.

….das habe ich von einem Freund aus dem Bethel erhalten:

Ihr Lieben,

heute Mittag gab es eine Bekanntmachung an die Bethelfamilie mit folgendem Inhalt (sinngemäß):

Das Zweigbüro in Rom informierte uns, dass 242 Brüder in der Region wohnen, die auf 3 Versammlungen aufgeteilt sind. Niemand wurde verletzt aber einige haben alles verloren. Sie werden in Wohnwagen und in einem Kongresssaal untergebracht und gut versorgt. Zwei Brüder des Bethels sind hingefahren und kümmern sich um die Brüder. Vorerst wird keine auswärtige Hilfe gebraucht.

Liebe Grüße: Stephan
Dear Brothers

Having served in Italy and as my son has a property about 100k north of the zone I called “those who know”. Here is the position:

There are three congreagtions in L’Aquila all about 70/80 each. None died. None injured. One was missing now found. All went to the shared KH whose roof had caved in so could not be used. Within 2 hours after quake (3.30am local time) all 3 congregation publishers using the joint hall had assembeld at KH. They were all transported to the nearest Assembly Hall at Rosetto di Abruzzo. Meanwhile from all over Italy Bethel were directing brothers, who were donating caravans and RVs, to the Rosetto Assembly Hall which has a large car park. There families from quake were accommodated in their “own home”, Food was organised. Each AH in Italy has blankets, camp beds and camper cookers in store for emergengies. (Forward thinking!!!). JW doctors have arrived and have given evacuees a medical checkup and made out prescription drugs for those who lost their prescriptions in the quake.

In Rome Bethel when the quake occured all woke up and left they rooms and stood clear of the building for about an hour.

I hope you all experience a thrill in your spine as you consider what all this implies. The local L’Aquila brothers are saying 80% in the affected area including themselves have lost everything including their homes and possesions but for the worldly ones a life time’s work has disappeared but for the brothers their hope remains. They say thanks to YHWH for deliverance and the comfort of the brothers’ evidence of practical love.

Await the definitive news from the FS…

Your brother


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  1. Apreciados Hermanos ; La presente es para compartir nuestro amor cristiano, nos es una alegria saber que hay hermanos en Italia de habla Hispana. Siempre nos preocupamos por su bienestar y esperamos en nuestro padre celestial Jehova que los cuide y los mantenga sanos sus hermanos Rafael y Maritza Medina.

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