Thousands expected to attend three-day Jehovahs Witnesses convention

Thousands expected to attend three-day Jehovahs Witnesses convention
Web Posted – Sat Aug 26 2006
By Marc Gibson
Over 3 500 persons are expected to attend the 2006 Deliverance is at Hand! District Convention of Jehovahs Witnesses, which started at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium on Friday and runs until Sunday.

The programme, which caters to various groups including the hearing impaired and Spanish language speakers, will feature a number of talks and symposiums.

The three-day convention, with various programmes filling the entire day, will also feature a baptism ceremony on Saturday and a biblically based dramatic presentation on Sunday.

New Service Overseer, Neville Adams stated that arrangements have been made to cater to the diversity within society, with sections for the aged and infirm, non-English language speakers, and members of the hearing impaired community. Adams added that the verbal aspects of convention would deal with all aspects of religiously motivated living.

Attention too will be given to the youths, because you hear it said that young people today have lost their way. Were going to show from the Bible that young persons can be successful, they can be happy, they can live meaningful lives and avoid the many pitfalls that some young people are not able to avoid, Adams stated.

He also added that Sundays featured presentation by AV Walker is expected to delve into the deliverance promised in the Lords Prayer, particular regarding the section, Thy Kingdom come.

The programme session for each day of the convention starts at 9:30 a.m. There is no admission and no collection will be taken. Members of the public are welcome.


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