Tornado, neosho, MO Missouri.- Hope of the Resurrection

Neosho, Mo Missouri. Let Jehovah deal with your losses Perhaps you don’t understand the faith this brother has. He has faith in Jehovah his God, that soon he will see his family coming back in life in God’s promised a new world and new system. John 11:25, Jesus said: I’m the resurecction and the life. He that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life. The resurrection hope is a real source of comfort to him and countless others who have lost loved ones. It can be to you too!!

Four members of the local Monroe family were killed in Saturday’s tornado, and now the remaining siblings are calling on their faith to help them deal with their losses. But they say, they will be just fine. Jeremy Monroe says, “You cannot go through something like this and not be marred, however, Jehovah has put his hand around me like i have never felt it before.” Jeremy Monroe says his parents and brothers loved their god and their family with their whole hearts, and his family is coping with the losses the only way they can. Jeremy says, “There’s only one way and it is my faith. There is only one God and it is Jehovah God.” Jeremy’s brother Daniel Junior and his wife Heather were injured, but he says they’re in great hands at Freeman Hospital. “They’re currently in there mending, they’re receiving fabulous care. I have gratitude for every staff member in that hospital.” The Monroes were remembered at a memorial service thursday at Memorial Hall in Joplin, and now the family says they will leave it up to Jehovah to take care of them. Jeremy monroe says they don’t ask for money or much assistance, they just ask the community to listen. “The next time a Jehovah’s Witness stops, just listen and let Jehovah take care of them,”

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