University in Santan Barbara

Weldon Howze at UCSB table (1051×739)
The work we do here at the University in Santa Barbara each week. We set the table up Thursday and Friday and different friends work there–this particular day we were 4 (at different times). One day we placed over 140 pieces of literature and obviously had some marvelous discussions with the students or the various ones who came by. We are right outside the University book store so get a huge amount of traffic (note reflections in background windows). The brother in the chair is Tom Bianco who is in a neighboring congregation and is very good with his help here. We have been commended a number of times recently for the dignified approach we take and the way we interact with the people–in contrast to some clergymen (or some group) who showed up with signs and were yelling and screaming

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  1. Hey!!! es el hermano Weldon!!! El vino a apoyar el grupo de Ingles de Apizaco,Tlaxcala México.

    Que bueno es tener hermanos con ese celo por las Buenas Nuevas del Reino.

    Es un ejemplo a seguir.

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