Video DVD para sordo-mudos

Algunos trocos del DVD para los sordos-mudos en drama… :

1. Saul of Tarsus, in about 34 C.E. travels to the city of Damascus to arrest followers of jesus Christ. As Saul nears the city, a blinding … Tout » light from heaven suddenly flashes, and he is knocked to the ground. A noice from heaven announces: “I am jesus, whom you are persecuting.” Jesus then commands saul to be his witness.

Thereafter, Saul, now called Paul, preaches the good news about Jesus for 30 years throughout Asia minor. many listen and respond favorably to his message, but not all do. in fact this former persecutor becomes the persecuted.

Paul often faces life-threstening circumstances and is stones, beaten, and imprisoned, but he stands firm for the truth. may all who view this drama of the apostle Paul’s life be just as determinded to bear thorough witness to the good news!


2. This drama is based on the bible account of Jeremish, a prophet of Jehovah who lived in turbulent times. Even before he was born, Jeremiah … Tout » was chosen to become a prophet. As a child, he no doubt received regular parental training in God’s Law. This served him well, since, as a prophet, he would need a solid faith based on accurate knowledge of God.

Over the decades of his faithful service, Jeremiah faced many trials. he became the object of bitter words and was physically abused by those seething with hatred. he came to be viewed as a prophet without honor among his own people. At times in his long career, Jeremiah became discouraged and required Jehovah’s assurance, but even in adversity he did not forsake calling on Jehovah for help. Watching this drama presentation will help the viewer to be resolved to stand firm, even in troublesome times!

3. Boldly witnessing despite opposition has identified true Christianity from its inception in the first century. This drama reenacts events … Tout » recorded in chapters 2 through 7 of the bible book of Acts

The early Christians are enjoying an astonishing increase! You will witness events as the annoyance of the self-exalted religious leaders grows into full fury. The apostles are jailed and beaten. upon release, They boldly continue declaring the good news without letup. Observe Stephen as he gives his testinmony and takes his last breath. Yet, Christianity prospers throughout the whole of judea, galilee, and Samaria

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