Witnesses feature practical advice for families in latest issue of Awake!


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August 13, 2007
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Witnesses feature practical advice for families in latest issue of Awake!

Cover of Awake! magazine in nine languagesNEW YORK—In an effort to help families worldwide, Jehovah’s Witnesses are distributing the August 2007 issue of their monthly journal Awake! featuring the cover series “Seven Steps to Better Parenting.” Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the timeless advice contained in an ancient book, the Bible, will benefit people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

The magazine acknowledges that parents experience what one father in Britain calls “an overwhelming sense of responsibility” when it comes to raising children. The articles focus on seven simple yet practical suggestions that speak to the universal desire for a successful family life. Pertinent principles and wise sayings from the Bible are highlighted as sources for the suggestions, which are presented in an appealing format.

Other articles of interest in the same issue include “The Bible’s Viewpoint—Can Worshipping God Be Enjoyable?” and “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Stop the Gossip?”

Awake! has an average printing of 34,267,000 copies per issue, in 81 languages. It continues to uphold its tradition of presenting thoroughly researched articles for the benefit of the entire family. Now entering its 61st year of publication, Awake! is made available without charge by Jehovah’s Witnesses to all who wish to read it.

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