Witnesses offer ‘solution’

Witnesses offer ‘solution’
By Rebecca Gracie
Sunday, 6 August 2006

JEHOVAH’S Witnesses celebrated another successful regional convention in Tamworth over the weekend at TREC.
The convention has been held in Tamworth for seven years and they said they’d return again next year.

“It’s been a wonderful weekend,” media co-ordinator Mark Fisher said.

The convention, titled Deliverance at Hand, aimed to show Jehovah’s Witnesses and visitors that the only way to solve the world’s numerous problems was to live God’s way.

“The only solution to mankind’s problems is the Lord’s Prayer,” spokesman Mark Storey said. “We are trying to reaffirm that things are better if we do things God’s way.”

The convention attracted 3500 people for the three days and 19 people were baptised.

“We had a lot of visitors who were not Jehovah’s Witnesses as we encourage people to have an open mind and see the truth of the Bible,” Mr Storey said.

Mr Fisher said TREC was a great facility within which to hold the convention as it had all the facilities needed for such a large gathering.

Tamworth was chosen because of its central location, the fact it had plenty of accommodation and a facility like TREC.


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